Shaping the future of Speech and Language Therapy.

At Cygnet we're offering an unparalleled opportunity for Speech and Language Therapists to join our dynamic and dedicated team. Our commitment to exceptional person-centred care combined with our robust support structure makes us an ideal choice for professionals seeking a fulfilling career.

Shaping the future of Speech and Language Therapy.

At Cygnet we're offering an unparalleled opportunity for Speech and Language Therapists to join our dynamic and dedicated team.

Strength of the SLT network at Cygnet.

At Cygnet, we deeply value the strength and integrity of our Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) network. Our organisation encourages collaboration, development, and innovation among our SLTs, fostering an environment where ideas are shared freely, new client groups are explored, and a robust sense of identity and purpose is nurtured. Our SLTs are instrumental in advancing speech and language therapy practices, not only in the UK but also internationally.

Scope and potential in the independent sector.

SLTs in the public sector can find themselves working with limited resources and high caseloads. At Cygnet, our therapists are equipped with ample tools and resources that enhance their ability and ambition throughout their career. Whilst we understand a move from public to independent can seem daunting, we know from the experience of our employees, they find their new environment a breath of fresh air.

Care Support Worker, Speech and Language Therapy, SLT
Speech and Language Therapy, SLT

Co-production and person-centred approach.

Embracing co-production and a person-centred approach is integral to the speech and language therapy services at Cygnet. While these methods & approaches are still in their early stages evolving across the industry, we’re already leading the charge. Our therapists collaborate with individuals and their families in the decision-making process, fostering better outcomes and satisfaction. Moreover, our commitment to expanding the SLT toolkit offers a unique opportunity for those desiring career development.

Speech and Language Therapy, SLT

Me & SLT.

Brought to you by the Speech & Language Therapists of Cygnet, Me & SLT is about the relationship we have with our calling, our colleagues, and our clients. We created “Me & SLT” to celebrate the amazing work in Speech & Language Therapy across the country and help each other advance careers through our stories, opinions, and advice. It’s all to make sure we create positive change for the people we care for. So let’s get talking.


Welcome to "ME & SLT", Cygnet's enlightening podcast series. Step into the compelling world of Speech and Language Therapy at Cygnet, hear fascinating stories, and connect with our vibrant community.

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Making a world

of difference


Working with incredible people is an important part of loving what you do – and Cygnet cares for colleagues as much as service users. So you’ll be surrounded by like minded professionals and benefit from their support, inspiration and nurture.

At Cygnet, our colleagues are extraordinary people who come with a range of different skills, expertise and knowledge. Every single one of them helps us empower individuals to change their lives for the better. So wherever your strengths lie, you can use them at Cygnet to make a meaningful difference to others.

Grow your career with us.

We’re committed to helping you reach your potential. Not only do we provide excellent support, training and benefits, we also want you to be successful and have the best career in care. This is why we will give you opportunities to embrace new, meaningful challenges that will help you develop your professional and personal skills. We also offer bespoke development pathways for you to progress your career with us, so no matter what your background is, we’re here to help you achieve your career goals.
Grow your career

A rewarding career that comes with deserved benefits.

People are everything to us and our ambitions and goals are achieved through the hard work of our passionate and dedicated teams. In return, we offer benefits and rewards packages that help us support one another through thick and thin. We also create opportunities for our colleagues to learn new skills and push themselves to fulfil their potential.

Check out what we have to offer if you join us.

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Competitive salary

We offer competitive salaries and benchmark them, to ensure that we’re getting it right.

As a result of caring for our own people, we are able to provide better care to our own patients. That’s why we invest in our people from the beginning by offering some of the most competitive wages in the industry.
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Employee benefits

We offer a variety of employee benefits to those who work with us.

You’ll enjoy our onsite perks of free meals and free parking – as well as discounts from big brands such as Nike, Boots, H&M, Primark, Boohoo, Argos, IKEA, and many more. We also offer discounted gym membership and plenty of other benefits to help you enjoy fun times, good health and secure finances.
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Reward and recognition

People who care for others and improve their lives deserve special praise and rewards.
Cygnet takes great pride in appreciating and recognising good performance, dedication and loyalty. We give Long Service Awards and we also have a recognition programme that rewards people who live our values every day.
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Career development

We provide ongoing training for you to develop your career and reach your goals.

Learning never stops at Cygnet. Whether you’ve been in your role for one day or five years, there’s always something to be curious about. It’s why we’re always creating learning opportunities and experiences that’ll give you the chance to develop your skills both professionally and personally.
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Career progression

We offer bespoke development pathways for you to progress your career with us.

When you’re part of the Cygnet team, you don’t just have a job. You have a career. We’ll support you as you take on new challenges and develop your skills. If you want to progress up the ladder, we’ll support you. And if you just want to stay in your role, that’s fine too. It is our goal to make you the best you can be.

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Employee support 24-7

As a member of our team, you’ll receive the support you need to do the best job you can.

You’ll start your journey with us on award-winning training, then once in position you’ll be supported by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of doctors, nurses, therapists and care managers to ensure you’re always supported.

Shaping the future of Speech and Language Therapy.

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